Testicular Enlargement mw

My name is Josh Banks and you’re about to hear the incredible story of how a 35 year old male with embarrassingly small testicles, pathetic, weak ejaculations and almost no self-esteem…

Miraculously transformed himself into a confident, strong alpha male buck with a heavy, big pair of balls, capable of shooting thick, strong wads of sperm and having big powerful erections.

And you’ll be literally blown away when you discover the shocking truth, proven by a team of doctors and researchers at Stanford university about:

  • why your testicles are slowly shrinking, week by week
  • why your testosterone is being literally stolen from under your nose
  • why your erections are getting smaller and softer
  • why your sperm has dried up to a tiny trickle

Startling Secrets Such As:

How huge chemical conglomerates have conspired to hide and cover up the toxins that are shrinking your testicles and male hormones right now.

How corrupt government officials are collaborating with shady chemical giants to allow their chemicals everywhere, causing male fertility and testosterone levels to drop into the gutter.

How these same toxic chemicals are resulting in feminine characteristics causing men everywhere to become weak, to develop male breasts, smaller genitals and lack of muscle and…

How continued exposure can result in weight gain, diabetes, erectile dysfunction and even worse, illnesses such as heart disease and cancer.

And if you stick around to read this short article, you’ll see not only how to avoid these testicle-destroying chemicals, you’ll also discover the mind-blowing body hack I used to double the size and weight of my testicles…

A Body Hack That Will Enable You To:

  • Massively boost the size of your package and develop a sizable bulge in your pants
  • Have rock hard, thick erections literally on command
  • Have high, pulsating testosterone levels and powerful ejaculations
  • Hugely increase your confidence, drive and self-worth
  • Give you the proud, alpha male swagger that attracts females and intimidates other men

Just before we get to that, I do have to warn you about what you’re about to hear.

The rich, powerful chemical industry has been getting its ugly, sneaky way for years.

Using deception, manipulation and outright corruption that belongs in the mafia instead of inside our government.

And their blood boils when people brave enough to leak their secrets stand up for themselves..

They’ll do anything to stop you from seeing this.

Because the more people that see this the more chance that public opinion will pressure the government to do something about their deceitful, corrupt methods…

And once that happens the river of money these chemical crooks have been sitting on at YOUR expense will dry up to a trickle..

So make sure you read this carefully and do what it says to the letter.

Because when you do, just like the guys in over 130 countries who got manly, big packages using this method…

You’ll rapidly see your alpha male confidence develop over the next days and weeks along with the impressive increases in the size of your testicles..

No matter if you’re 24 or 64 years old, no matter how desperate you feel, no matter how small and shrunken your balls are, how low your sex drive is or how weak you feel.

You’ll swiftly double the size and weight of your testes, boost your testosterone, your fertility, manliness and health.

Just like Eddie from Tampa who says:

“Testicles are bigger, my wife loves ‘em and I love the attention…. Ejaculation volume is crazy.” Eddie

Or.. Scott from Minnesota who says:

“I am 5 days into the program and this morning it was as if I grew 20% over night. I am really enjoying the weight and the fullness I have. I always had small balls and the left one is much, much bigger already and the right is not too far behind. While I don’t have a lady at the moment when I do let go, I hit the headboard and the volume requires a towel rather than one maybe two tissues. Well on my way and thanks a million! All guys want to look like men when they drop pants and while my endowment is good, balls to me make the man. “

Even if these days I can proudly wear close-fitting jeans, strut around the pool like a rooster or stroll along the beach happy in the knowledge that my hefty bulge looks big and attractive, makes women excited and intimidates men, just 18 months ago that was far from being the case…

My Sack Was Nothing More Than A Tight, Shrivelled Peabag

I mean listen, you probably know what I mean…my balls were tiny, and my package would be the source of severe embarrassment for years for me

And in fact, my shrunken scrotum almost ruined my entire life and…

While this story is very embarrassing to me, you need to hear all of it as it provides the key for you to get your own big satisfying bulge in your pants.

It dates back to a time a few years ago, after I’d just broken up with my then girlfriend…

At the time, my best buddy Ben was trying to get me back onto the dating scene, telling me about a new brand of skinny jeans I had to get, because the girls loved them and they displayed your assets pretty well.

And of course being a newly single man I was pretty keen to attract and flirt with hot girls, but…

That excitement soon turned to outright embarrassment when I first wore my new skinny jeans at a party that weekend…

My friend’s big bulge was on display to everyone through his tight trendy jeans, and it became quickly obvious that putting his jewels on display like this was certainly getting him more of the right kind of attention.

And even though I was trying to do the same my own package was nowhere to be seen..

Even though I felt a bit insecure having almost no bulge in my pants, I figured “what the hell” hopefully nobody will notice..

And while a few people commented how much they thought these cool skinny jeans suited me, I was downright embarrassed and red-faced when one little guy piped up in front of a group of people:

Nice jeans but I can’t actually even see your package down there Josh!

Of course there were a few sniggers from people who heard and I instantly went red and mumbled something about how I liked to “tuck mine away”…

But from that point I was paranoid and felt as though everyone knew I wasn’t packing much beef down there..

And that’s a pretty embarrassing feeling to say the least.

And I can tell you after that no girl seemed interested in talking to me for longer than about a minute.

My confidence was pretty low and I was obsessed with hiding my small package.

But if that wasn’t bad enough my world was turned upside down a few months after that..

My testicles had gotten even smaller around that time, and my sex drive was lower…I started to get really worried..

And it was really starting to make me self-conscious, especially when I got naked or got changed in a locker room.

Maybe you can relate to this too:

  • I was constantly thinking people were noticing I had a very small package and even laughing at it
  • I was starting to lose confidence to date girls in case they’d laugh or make fun of me
  • I didn’t want to get changed in front of other guys or shower around other guys who might see me
  • I was deeply worried: aren’t testicles important? Didn’t they have the ultimate say in your ability to have a baby?

So like any man would do I went to see my doctor.

The funny thing was when I asked my doctor how I could enhance my testicles he didn’t actually answer me.

He told me he wanted to do a quick check down there instead to see if all was ok…

So like any man would I pulled down my pants, lay down and waited for the rubber glove…

But instead of a quick testicle check like docs normally do, he started shifting my sack around, feeling and prodding everywhere…it started to get pretty uncomfortable.

After about a minute of this I couldn’t handle it anymore..what the hell did he think he was doing?

Hey doc is something up?

I asked him, pretty tense.

Yes something is up.

He replied.

You’ve got serious, severe testicular atrophy and your testes have shrunk to the size of raisins.

I don’t even need to test your fertility, I can tell you’re producing close to zero sperm and you’re in grave danger.

And no, you can’t get surgery for this kind of thing; it’s far too dangerous. Your testicles are close to actually disappearing altogether.

What he said had got me really, I mean seriously worried.

Why doc?

I whispered, almost shaking.

Your testosterone levels are extremely low he said. As well as your testicles and infertility problems, you risk a whole bunch of serious health issues further down the line, such as:

  • Permanent infertility
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Depression
  • Heart disease
  • Premature death

He went on to mention a whole bunch of other nasty sounding sicknesses that I’d never heard of!

What the hell can I do about it doc?

I asked him, hyperventilating that my life had turned upside down in one single moment, that I may never be able to father a child, that I may depend on dangerous meds to be with a woman, that I may die years before my time or get dangerous illnesses.

He then told me I needed to pay for expensive monthly injections which would load me up with something he called synthetic testosterone.

These might restore some of my male hormones he said. But nothing was guaranteed.

Feeling terrible with a number over my head..and scared to death of injecting myself with fake hormones like some disgraced athlete, I left the clinic with his prescription..

Apart from the price of these injections, which was almost impossible for me to handle, I hated the very thought of relying on them for the rest of my life.

Of course when I got home I instantly searched online for anything and everything related to small testicles and testosterone, injections and anything else.

And apart from the grade A B.S. you find online about miracle supplements and expensive treatments going from gels to patches to eating raw cow heart, I did find some advice that made sense.

There were guys on forums saying they’d boosted their testicle size by working out hard with weights..and other guys saying that swimming had helped with their testosterone.

And while I didn’t like going to the gym I’d always been a fan of swimming.

So right away I got down the local pool and started thrashing away desperately hoping this would work…

Only every few lengths I would crash into this same guy doing some kind of vigorous butterfly stroke.

The guy was real dominant kind of guy that you didn’t want to get in the way of..

An alpha male you might say.

And even though I’m a straight guy, after what the doc had told me about testicles, testosterone and virility, I couldn’t help having a peak at his package in the shower afterwards to see how it matched up to mine.

And sure enough, this guy was packing some serious meat if you get me as well as being in great shape.

He didn’t have to be concerned about putting his jewels on display and in fact he seemed pretty damn proud and confident about walking around nude with them.

But hell..how embarrassed was I when he noticed me having a look at his crown jewels.

He came right over, looked me right in the eye and I thought I was going to get slammed against the wall.

Bracing myself…I waited for it, but instead this guy just said:

It’s all about food and “chemical strategy”

What the hell! What do you mean?

I asked, in disbelief.

You wanna get bigger balls, fast, then you have to make a few changes.

This guy, Mark was his name, had obviously realized what I was going through.

He knew exactly why I was looking at his goods and embarrassingly, had also noticed my sack was shrunken.

But I no longer cared at that point who knew about my small testicles…

Because I had hope and I felt as though somehow like a ray of light had come into my world, perhaps sent by an angel…

And I asked Mark, who’d been involved in medical research for 15 odd years years to help me out. For real.

And what I found out every time I saw Mark over the next few weeks was mind-blowing as well as disturbing.

He told me about these 3 dangerous chemicals that had been slowly but surely infiltrating our food, water and lurking in our homes..

Chemicals that are literally castrating men everywhere in the name of profit, turning us into women.

Chemicals that once they build up in your body, can cause serious diseases, hormonal disruption, weight gain, infertility, small testes, and even cancer.

The chief testicle killer is one called BPA, a dangerous chemical that has made billions for powerful plastics companies

This toxin has made its way into food, drink, bottles, plastic wrapping, tickets, receipts and countless other items..

And in 1993, a scientist at Stanford named Dr. David Feldman, made an astonishing discovery about this chemical – he noticed that it made human cells react as though they’d been exposed to high amounts of estrogen.

Estrogen is a female reproductive hormone.

And when men are exposed to too much of it they develop female characteristics.

Their testicles shrink, their testosterone decreases and they may develop manboobs.

They start to turn into women.

Once Feldman published his report, hundreds of other scientists started testing BPA too and came to the same chilling conclusions:

BPA was directly linked to testicular deformity, low testosterone, infertility, erectile dysfunction and further down the line, cancer.

In fact, scientists at the US Centers for Disease Control found significant amounts of BPA in over 93 percent of the US population.

Is it any wonder half of the guys have small testes and low testosterone, or that we seem to be turning into women?

I mean you can see that men aren’t really men anymore right?

When you look at the men of yesteryear, very few of them were soft, round and none had manboobs like you see now.

None had small testicles or a record low sperm count, like men do today.

And it’s all because of these 3 highly toxic substances that directly target your reproductive system, shrinking your balls and destroying your sperm.

The only problem is, our government has let this chemical continue to be consumed everywhere around us, despite the overwhelming evidence of the harm it does.

They’ve done NOTHING to protect us whatsoever.

In fact, I’d even say they’re part of this dangerous conspiracy.

Because big chemical conglomerates have:

  1. Bribed government officials to keep their dangerous product making billions for them
  2. Funded their own bogus studies to make out that BPA is safe, when it clearly isn’t
  3. Threatened scientists with harm if they published reports about the dangers of this toxin

All in the name of making a few billion. Off of YOUR back.

Mark then went on to tell me about other similar chemicals that do a number on your testes, such as one particularly harmful one called phthalates which is probably in your home, another called parabens which is in your bathroom and a few more that are in your food…

Toxins that are slowly but surely destroying your manhood.

So how the hell do you stay clear of this garbage Mark?

I asked Mark, expecting him to tell me he had some super supplement or medication that saved him.


He answered.

I have a set of rules in my diet, my home and my lifestyle that enables me to stay almost 100% clean.

I went ahead and got every single one of those rules down and started the very next day.

And once I implemented these methods…

My testicles grew by about 30% in size and weight in just a week!

In fact, just 2 days after starting, my balls were already starting to feel bigger and heavier in my pants.

And I felt kind of more confident, stronger and with new energy…

I guessed that was my testosterone surging nicely as I suddenly found that women were much more attractive and I had a strong desire to flirt with them.

I mean, women started looking very hot to me.

Sure enough, when I started dating again a few weeks later, it was a whole new story.

I felt in control, in the driving seat and very confident.

My sex drive was much higher and I’d started to get harder erections that were actually thicker and more pleasurable for the girls I was dating, who got excited by my big package and firm wood.

I actually shocked myself by how well I performed when it came to the bedroom.

My package was suddenly heavy, my sex drive was roaring and my ejaculations were huge!

And when it came to dealing with guys at work, I was calling the shots, I was clearly the guy in control and people knew it.

The best part though, was having a big bulge in my pants that I could proudly display with close fitting jeans, or walk around with satisfied at the pool or at the beach, or get naked without even thinking about.

But even if I am happily walking about with a sizable pair of testicles and high testosterone these days, it’s with a bitter sweet taste.

Because I know that if these chemical crooks tricked me for all these years, they’re tricking millions of other men out there right now.

And I’ll bet you’re one of them.

And as I write this, there are millions with low testosterone, shrunken testes, no sex drive and erectile dysfunction.

These men that could turn their entire lives around with this simple set of rules taught to me by this guy, Mark.

And it makes me sick to the stomach when I think of the rich bosses of those powerful companies, rubbing their hands together with glee every time with the billions they’re making…

While every minute there’s another guy out there with a shrunken package, low testosterone or worse, permanent infertility

So Mark and I agreed something important between us.

We’d make this information available to the public, to any man out there.

And because we want to help guys and put an end to the misery of small testes, poor ejaculations and low testosterone, we’ve made a program to help guys out.

So we’ve put together a full package in the form of an instantly accessible program you can get access to right now.

Imagine if in just a few short weeks, you could have naturally powerful libido, healthy fertile ejaculations and a bigger pair of balls that people can see through your clothes!

Mark drew from his years of research and experience and devised the ultimate complete step-by-step system for significantly increasing testicular size, tripling testosterone levels and improving libido and muscle tone.

We decided to call it the Big Natural Testicles program


With the Big Natural Testicles Programme, you’ll finally unlock your true virile potential in just 4-6 weeks, with the first results being visible in just a few short days from now.

And what’s great is that using this system is highly pleasurable, enjoyable and fun to use.

The Big Natural Testicles system is NOT a fad diet, a hyped-up supplement or a stupid exercise routine.

What it IS is step-by-step 6 week plan consisting of cutting edge new routines and highly effective testicle and testosterone-boosting methods based on scientific studies and extensive testing.

It will be like having Mark as your personal health coach, only without the personal coaching prices!

Let me show you what you’ll get when you join.

increase testosterone exerciseFind out some powerful unique methods to flush out harmful estrogenic compounds that your ttesticles are soaked in, resulting in:

  • An almost instant boost in testicle size
  • A rapid boost in your free testosterone
  • A new feeling of energy and positivity

You’ll get rapid Testicle -boosting exercises..

The T-boosting exercise tips and workouts I’ll give you won’t only increase your testicle size but they are extremely short, help you save time and also result in:

  • Better metabolism
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduced cholesterol
  • Increased dopamine, (which is the chemical we produce in our brain associated with libido, pleasure and desire)
  • And a naturally lean, hard body that women find attractive

You’ll get access to the full Testosterone Nutrition Plan..

eBook2You’ll discover super-foods that send your T levels shooting upwards as well as some clear, frank advice on how to steer away from harmful foods that can cause testicular atrophy, man boobs and even micro-penis.

With this food plan your metabolism will outperform nearly any other guy’s helping you to burn fat and build lean hard muscle.

I’ll also give you essential advice on Sexual habits..

What I’ve discovered is that the right or wrong sexual habits can make or break your performance and package size. How often should you ejaculate? Is masturbation and porn good or bad?

Most of all, you’ll learn how to avoid habits that drain the testosterone out of you, and instead you’ll be using some little-known techniques to get your T levels higher than imagined.

You’ll also learn about Leydig cell stimulation..

DVD1You may not know your leydig cells, but I do. Stimulating these wonder-cells that form part of the structure of the testicles will do the world of good. Firing them up with these unique 3 techniques will get them increasing the size and weight of your balls within just a few hours.

You’ll also find out about Supplementation; what really works and what doesn’t..

As I said earlier, no matter how powerful supplements are, they only work if you use the right ones and applying precise protocols and methodology. You’ll learn how to experience floods of natural free testosterone thanks to my unique method of programming.

In addition to this you’ll be using a number of surprising methods of tricking the body by making some simple lifestyle tweaks which most men are amazed by.

As well as the full 10 step 6 week program, you’ll also get:

  • Your quick start plan for getting going right away, starting your first actions as soon as tonight
  • Access to a complete nutrition plan and an easy to follow schedule for eating your way to big testicles and high testosterone.
  • My enjoyable testicle-enhancing short workout schedule to get your body really pumping T through your veins.

There is much, much more for you to discover inside.

Remember, the Big Natural Testicles program is a proven and guaranteed methodology for effectively enhancing testicle size, performance and significantly boosting hormonal production.

And I can happily share with you some real testimonials from guys that have had been following these powerful methods:

“I’m Always Horny”

“Testicles are bigger, my wife loves ‘em and I love the attention….ejaculation volume is crazy.

I’m always horny, very aggressive, (in a good way), working out, losing body fat, and getting vascular, …no shame taking off shirt, showering at gym, or walking around the house naked because my wife enjoys what she sees.

Keep up the good work!”

Eddie, Tampa Fl.

“The Machines Are Running Downstairs”

I have been doing it all your way with supplements and exercise and following your other advice.

And happy is me because the machines are running again downstairs.

I am spending more time with wife now and she seems to be pleased about that.

Thanks a bunch Mark

Dig, Bristol UK

“You Deserve A Medal”

It’s been wonderful to regain my sexual health without having to use any medications.

It’s a shame that this information is so difficult to find, and honestly Mark, you deserve a medal for what you’ve been doing.

All the best,

Roger M. Los Angeles, CA

I have to say at this point, you will experience some side effects from following this program such as strong and frequent urges to engage in sexual activity.

You should manage these new powerful urges with care.

And by the way, if you are looking for some magic pill, celebrity endorsed supplement, or hyped-up mumbo jumbo steroids solution then this program is NOT for you.

If you would like to be involved in this unique new natural methodology for developing huge natural testes, powerful sex drive and high volume ejaculations then it is for you.

The Big Natural Testicles program is only for men who are serious about reaching their peak raw testosterone levels and developing a healthy and sizable package to be proud of, in 6 short weeks or less.

You may think that a program that delivers so much in terms of results will cost you an arm and a leg, and that’s perfectly understandable.

After all, when you consider that coaching from male health consultants and specialized doctors can set you back around at $200 an hour, and another $800-$1000 for a few follow up appointments, most guys would be reaching in their pockets for a wad of cash for right now.

But I know putting a $500 price tag would keep this program out of reach for a lot of men.

And that’s not something I want to do.

So you’re not going to pay $300 or even $200…

No Chance…

In fact, we’ve squeezed the price right down to an ultra low discounted…

$47 $27

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Card6If you sign up now, you can take advantage of this special offer of receiving regular valid and cutting edge tips and tricks including brand new research results about super-foods, supplements programming techniques and testosterone to stay motivated and stay at the top for years to come, right into your old age!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

This course is covered by a reinforced 60 day satisfaction or money back guarantee.

You see, I know this program will work for you, which is why I can happily cover you with a fully reliable guarantee, and assume all the risk.

If you’re not absolutely satisfied with the results, just let me know and I’ll happily refund you with no questions asked, no hard feelings.

Studies show that high-achieving men tend to be those that take action, and I really want you to be one of those guys.

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This is your first step in the journey to becoming a lean, fit, virile man with a high sex drive and a big package.

I look forward to helping you get there.


$47 $27

“A World Of Difference”

Hi Mark,

I cannot thank you enough for your website and emails…

I saw your program and it made sense so I started it last September.

I lost 20 pounds in less than two months and have now lost nearly 40 pounds.

I have regained my energy and zest for life!

I am thinking more clearly than I have in years. I used to have to take naps every day and now I rarely take one. I don’t need them!

My energy is up and I continue to exercise three times a week, and never plan on stopping!

I told you that I have a physical job. I work construction that requires a lot of lifting and climbing.

The other day one of the guys told me I get around like I am 22 years old!!

Well, I am 50 years old!

The weight loss and strengthening of my legs has made a world of difference!

Mark, I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work to help men like myself get our lives back!!


“My Life Has Changed”

Thanks Mark for being real and keeping it real!!

I am 43 years old and my life has changed!!!

I have been dealing with andropause for the last 5 years and it has been an up and down battle to keep my masculinity in working order.

I started looking for natural ways to increase my testosterone and a few supplements.

I would take one or a combination for a while and at first they would work then my symptoms would get worse.

I really thought that something was wrong with me and my body so I lived with it. Until I came across your website that is.

The clouds cleared and heavenly chorus of angels began to harmonize.

I have been telling everyone about your site Mark.

Thank you for your time and hard work in getting this information out to so many men being deceived by Low T commercials and Big Pharma that are only interested in lining their pockets and keeping men everyone relying on their drugs that do not work.

Have an amazing and blessed day.


“I Dominate Social Situations”

Hi Mark,I remember when I first contacted you, I was above 300 lbs at that time with acne, no muscle, no motivation, no energy, and all that stuff associated with low T at the age of 21!

The day I started exercise I could not do 1 complete push up, and no that’s not a typo, yes not even ONE pushup.

The process was a little slow at first but I started to refine my habits and started to be serious with the diet.

I was starting to see fat come off and everyone was noticing.

My grades are starting to go up in college; people are starting to notice me, especially the opposite sex.

People at the gym of both sexes watch me workout because I am aggressive, confident, explosive and loud.

I am now at 210 lbs, I am starting to see definition in my core area.

Now I see heads turn and I have no problem talking to women anytime. I dominate social situations and am usually the center of attention in a group my own age.

You have no idea how much I appreciate what you have done for me Mark, thank you so much, I wish there were more people like you.

Dennis, UK


$47 $27