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“I’m Always Horny”

“Testicles are bigger, my wife loves ‘em and I love the attention….ejaculation volume is crazy.

I’m always horny, very aggressive, (in a good way), working out, losing body fat, and getting vascular, …no shame taking off shirt, showering at gym, or walking around the house naked because my wife enjoys what she sees.

Keep up the good work!”

Eddie, Tampa Fl.

“The Machines Are Running Downstairs”

I have been doing it all your way with supplements and exercise and following your other advice.

And happy is me because the machines are running again downstairs.

I am spending more time with wife now and she seems to be pleased about that.

Thanks a bunch Mark

Dig, Bristol UK

“You Deserve A Medal”

It’s been wonderful to regain my sexual health without having to use any medications.

It’s a shame that this information is so difficult to find, and honestly Mark, you deserve a medal for what you’ve been doing.

All the best,

Roger M. Los Angeles, CA

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$27 $17


“A World Of Difference”

Hi Mark,

I cannot thank you enough for your website and emails…

I saw your program and it made sense so I started it last September.

I lost 20 pounds in less than two months and have now lost nearly 40 pounds.

I have regained my energy and zest for life!

I am thinking more clearly than I have in years. I used to have to take naps every day and now I rarely take one. I don’t need them!

My energy is up and I continue to exercise three times a week, and never plan on stopping!

I told you that I have a physical job. I work construction that requires a lot of lifting and climbing.

The other day one of the guys told me I get around like I am 22 years old!!

Well, I am 50 years old!

The weight loss and strengthening of my legs has made a world of difference!

Mark, I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work to help men like myself get our lives back!!


“My Life Has Changed”

Thanks Mark for being real and keeping it real!!

I am 43 years old and my life has changed!!!

I have been dealing with andropause for the last 5 years and it has been an up and down battle to keep my masculinity in working order.

I started looking for natural ways to increase my testosterone and a few supplements.

I would take one or a combination for a while and at first they would work then my symptoms would get worse.

I really thought that something was wrong with me and my body so I lived with it. Until I came across your website that is.

The clouds cleared and heavenly chorus of angels began to harmonize.

I have been telling everyone about your site Mark.

Thank you for your time and hard work in getting this information out to so many men being deceived by Low T commercials and Big Pharma that are only interested in lining their pockets and keeping men everyone relying on their drugs that do not work.

Have an amazing and blessed day.


“I Dominate Social Situations”

Hi Mark,I remember when I first contacted you, I was above 300 lbs at that time with acne, no muscle, no motivation, no energy, and all that stuff associated with low T at the age of 21!

The day I started exercise I could not do 1 complete push up, and no that’s not a typo, yes not even ONE pushup.

The process was a little slow at first but I started to refine my habits and started to be serious with the diet.

I was starting to see fat come off and everyone was noticing.

My grades are starting to go up in college; people are starting to notice me, especially the opposite sex.

People at the gym of both sexes watch me workout because I am aggressive, confident, explosive and loud.

I am now at 210 lbs, I am starting to see definition in my core area.

Now I see heads turn and I have no problem talking to women anytime. I dominate social situations and am usually the center of attention in a group my own age.

You have no idea how much I appreciate what you have done for me Mark, thank you so much, I wish there were more people like you.

Dennis, UK


$27 $17!